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Why Demand for Tech Talent Is So High

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You’re probably facing the same challenge as so many other businesses right now. As you try to predict the “new next,” and watch the explosion of Industry 4.0, how can you stay ahead of a curve that steepens daily?

We’ve all been forced to adapt to an unfamiliar digital landscape at the drop of a hat. And technology has grown all-consuming across the business world.

Brands are racing to keep up with consumers and many are facing the hard truth about finding top tech talent. There’s a shortage of experts, and getting them to the table is harder than ever.

The challenges of sourcing skilled tech talent

Finding top talent in hard-to-staff and highly technical disciplines has become a marathon. Employers are spending more time than ever courting, recruiting, and trying to keep the best of the best.

It’s not your imagination. Demand for developers has skyrocketed in top tech fields like AI, cloud computing, and blockchain. But the tried-and-true job markets like mobile app development and cybersecurity haven’t cooled off.

In an annual CIO Survey by KPMG, over 3,000 tech leaders shared their frustration and “an astonishing 65% said that hiring challenges are hurting the industry.”

You are not alone

We’ve touched on some of the challenges employers face when sourcing top tech candidates. The time commitment alone can be a huge drain (twice as long on average for tech niches).

But the shortage of top-tier IT candidates is no laughing matter. Many engineers report being solicited on LinkedIn an average of 30 times a day — even while currently employed!

Demand has never been greater in emerging fields like AI and machine learning. For instance, machine learning engineer job openings increased by 344% from 2015 to 2018.

The popularity of cloud computing for startups and the incorporation of AR/VR by big companies are also soaring. The numbers are staggering: demand for an AR/VR engineering role grew 1,400% in 2019.

Generic job postings don’t work anymore

How can your business leverage access to top talent without losing time, money, and your sanity? Your generic job posting on Indeed or LinkedIn might get applicants, but you can’t guarantee that you’ll find applicants with the amount of experience you’re hoping for.

As the future of work now seamlessly blends our digital and physical worlds, there’s no time to waste. Staying competitive means finding access to talent pools.

Modern tech startups are leveraging cloud-based platforms and apps to provide cutting edge digital experiences to customers. And they’re doing it faster and cheaper than ever before.

“Every company is a technology company”

Without the right talent for the job, implementation becomes impossible. No matter how great your idea is, you need the right team of proven problem-solvers.

Employees and customers expect your tech to keep up with their lives. They require a digital experience that is both seamless and inspiring.

This new labor market demands innovative solutions to bygone problems. So why not take some of the guesswork out of one of your most important acquisitions … your tech talent.

Speak the language of your candidates

IT professionals take pride in their credentials and abilities, and they also value their peer reviews. Soft skills also play a larger role in the power of building effective distributed teams.

Speaking to those highly skilled tech candidates, however, requires knowledge of the demands of the job. And often those job descriptions are poorly interpreted by recruiters with little tech know-how.

HR executives and corporate recruiters can be caught flat-footed trying to filter the average candidates from the great ones. It’s more important than ever to know who you’re gunning for.

IT experts are now more willing than ever to evolve with the new digital frontier. They keep up with the latest advancements and coding languages to future-proof their careers.

They want you to speak their language — and speak to their employment needs, too.

Better talent = better solutions

By tapping into a deep reservoir of vetted, experienced talent, you’re giving yourself some breathing room. The world of tech is changing so fast. Don’t let recruiting and vetting weigh you down anymore.

[Eighty-three] percent of executives say that talent acquisition is important or very important. Concerns about talent — especially top technology talent — have led many organizations to invest in […] building deeper talent pools.”

Take it from us, we’ve spent over a decade networking and speaking with over 13,000 digital professionals. Our Esteemed Talent community is built on trust — we are top tech talent recommending colleagues.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of staffing those positions for you. All in one easy-to-use channel.

Let us do the recruiting, sourcing, and assessments. Every veteran team lead at Esteemed screens our deep talent pool with rigorous code reviews and personality exams.

But we’re more than just a job board for nerds. We’re a community of experts recommending experts.

To learn more about how we can help you, just drop us a line. We’d love to chat!