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Fractional CTO

Hire a Fractional CTO On-Demand

Scaling your business and looking for a CTO? Hire a part-time technology executive with the skills, knowledge, and experience of a full-time Chief Technology Officer.

Fractional CTO

Why Source a Fractional CTO?

Technological capabilities transform rapidly. Businesses rely on up-to-date tech to remain competitive and perform essential functions. It’s critical to have a dedicated executive to evaluate, implement, and manage relevant technology to serve your business needs.

Why Source a Fractional CTO?

What Does a Fractional CTO Do?

Fractional CTOs engage in executive decision-making and liaise between tech teams and upper management, overseeing everything from IT security, technology contracts, scalability, maintenance, and daily operations. Companies that work with Fractional CTOs often do so contractually, temporarily, or at reduced hours.

What does a Fractional CTO Do?

Hire a Chief Technology Officer For a Fraction of the Cost

Hire a Chief Technology Officer For a Fraction of the Cost

For businesses looking to cut costs or compartmentalize technological management, a Fractional CTO offers the benefits of a full-time CTO — for a fraction of the cost.

Unlike full-time CTOs, a Fractional CTO typically concentrates their efforts in predetermined areas. Rather than take on the broad responsibilities of their full-time counterparts, Fractional CTOs have specialized tasks. A start-up, for example, might hire a Fractional CTO to develop its technology roadmap and initial strategy. Companies launching new products or services are known to bring in Fractional CTOs long enough for them to see the project through. As organizations navigate a sudden shift to remote work, Fractional CTOs are useful resources to address the technological needs and necessary implementation requirements.

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