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Aura, the AI-powered platform for the modern workplace

Aura brings talent and customer acquisition together with automation and trusted AI. Empower teams to optimize their workflows and see big results. From recruitment to sales, your team will thrive with insights into customer and candidate data at a glance.

Aura, the AI-powered platform for
              the modern workplace
Rapid placements, higher margins

Rapid placements, higher margins

Resumes, contacts, files, reviews and candidate ratings are available in one click. Focus on talent, not information-hunting.

More retention, happier candidates 

More retention, happier candidates 

Easily post jobs, search through candidates in a unified database, and involve HR managers and employees in the hiring, onboarding and offboarding processes.

Better business, better relationships

Better business, stronger relationships

Manage all your key metrics and client relationships. Use custom reports to decide when and where to scale.

The new standard in AI-powered work

Revolutionize your pipeline management process
Applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking system

Transform hiring with AI and automation.

Unify candidates, jobs, and tasks in Aura. Automate your recruitment process, and improve your team’s productivity.

Applicant tracking system

Customer relationship manager

Extend your team with AI powered data entry

Align sales and recruiting. Manage your relationships with prospects, candidates, and clients with a mobile CRM purpose-built for staffing.

Applicant tracking system

Speed up your workflows with AI

Automated workflows to produce big results

Save time creating new job posts. Select a job title, generate a job description with AI, and edit as you see fit.

Applicant tracking system

Search and share candidates

Bring candidates profiles and data together

Search across Aura for jobs, candidates, and clients, and share data with decision makers and team members in seconds.

Applicant tracking system

Build a career page that serves your brand

Get the word out to top talent

Build a career page to capture your brand identity and maximize incoming applications. All applications easily flow into the Aura Candidate pipeline, ready to be worked by your team.

Applicant tracking system

Robust reporting + analytics

Drive growth with informed decision making

Achieve total clarity on your goals, for Recruitment, Sales, and HR / People analytics. As needs arise. reports can be custom tailored to your business needs.*

ATS + CRM pricing

Our pricing is built to be flexible and competitive, compared to other ATS CRMs.

For individuals or smaller teams
Platform + per seat
Start today
12 jobs per account
10,000 candidates
Unlimited hiring managers
And features below
For mid-sized or large organizations
Platform + per seat
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Unlimited jobs
Unlimited candidates
Unlimited hiring managers
And features below
For mid-sized or large organizations
Platform + per seat
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Everything in Enterprise, plus
Integrate with your tech stack
Unlimited hiring managers
And all features below

Discover Aura’s features

Candidate enrichment
Powerful CV/resume parsing and data enrichment
Indexation of CV & LinkedIn skills, experiences, education on the candidate’s profile
AI Features
Fully customizable criteria and filtering for candidates recommendation
AI Generated Job Descriptions
Applicant Tracking System
Leverage unlimited custom job pipelines
Easy-to-use & unlimited custom job pipelines
Candidates quick search, advanced search & boolean search
Holistic and customizable candidate profile
Candidate custom tag (available, blacklisted,...)
Automated CV/resume formatting and branding
Customizable fields and views
Ability to share specific jobs & candidate profiles with hiring managers and decision makers
Job Requisitions
All languages supported
Candidates On-boarding & Employee management
Automated workflow and Actions
Duplicate management system
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Mass Emailing
Email Marketing Integration
Document Digital Signatures
Send pre-filled contracts to clients based on Placements in the system
Sales Prospecting and Pipeline Management
Zapier Integration
Open API Access
Candidate Sourcing
Create and customize your career page
Integrate your existing career page
Display your career page in English, Spanish, French, German, or many more languages
Career page custom application forms
Bulk & mass CV/resume upload
Social Media posting (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Wechat, Line...)
Referral management system
Data Privacy Compliance
Modify, extract and permanently delete data when requested by candidates
Share your organization’s privacy policy and compliance terms on your career page
Gather data processing consent when candidates apply on your career page
Out-of-the-box compliance reports and analytics
Top-tier encryption and daily back-ups of system databases
Custom compliance requirements and reports
Team & Collaboration
Slack integration
Multiple levels for user permissions, roles and accesses
Job templates
Activities Management
Calls, emails, meetings, interviews, tasks management
Activities reminders
Fully customizable notifications system (in-app and e-mail)
Email integration
Customizable & shareable email templates
Reports & Analytics
Customizable dashboard (reminders, performances, activities,…)
Complete reporting & analytics suite
General overview reports
Candidate reports (measure candidate acquisition by channel, source,...)
Leaderboard reports (candidates owned, closing rates,...)
Sales reports (track your sales funnel, individual and team performance,...)
Specific reports for jobs, clients, departments, candidates
Recruiter performance tracking
Recruitment KPIs tracking (Time to hire, Cost of Hire, Rejection reasons…)
Revenue Tracking
Support & Assistance
In-app training & interactive onboarding
Email support
Phone support
Data import tools for candidates, jobs, contacts, clients or departments (CSV & JSON file formats)
Implementation and data migration support (Candidates, Jobs, Clients, Departments…)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Dedicated account manager

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Source, search, interview, place, onboard, bill, and pay contractors in 130 countries. Aura ATS CRM covers all of your recruiting and talent management needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an ATS?
An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a tool for managing the recruitment lifecycle. The ATS is the focus of recruiting activity, and should integrate with other software, such as onboarding, automation, invoicing, time and expense, CRM, and analytics.
What is a CRM?
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool assists with the management of customer relationships, by turning customer data into useful, actionable, and analyzable insight to transform your business.
What is a combined ATS + CRM?
An ATS CRM includes all the features of an ATS, with the added ability to be able to manage clients and relationships. broad term for software that includes technology many staffing and recruiting professionals need for their businesses.
What do I need an ATS with CRM for?
An ATS CRM is essential for any staffing firm. An ATS CRM will allow you to maintain relationships with your candidates and sales contacts, as well as manage both the sales and recruitment pipelines. An ATS CRM will reduce manual input, and keep your team focused on candidate engagement and save you and your staffing firm valuable time.
What is Aura, and who is it for?
Aura is an ATS CRM, and can be purchased as a standalone ATS, as well as a standalone CRM.
How can Aura benefit my business?
Our web-based ATS CRM will drive business growth, empower your team to work at maximum efficiency, and increase your organization’s placements.
How much does Aura cost?
We offer two tiers of pricing, based on your company size and business needs. Contact a sales representative to start a discussion about which version will work best for you.
How do I request a live demo of Aura?
You can schedule a live demo with any of our sales representatives to discover more about our ATS CRM, and start streamlining your business.
What should I consider when evaluating ATS CRM software?
We recommend you ask yourself or any decision maker the following questions when assessing ATS CRM software:
  • Will the ATS CRM simplify your recruiting process?
  • Does the ATS CRM integrate with my website and other platforms?
  • Will my candidates and prospects benefit from the ATS CRM?
  • Is the ATS CRM scalable?
You want to find a system that will organize your recruitment workflow, integrate with other platforms, and improve communication for your recruiters and applicants, as well as your salespeople and clients.
Harness the power of Aura to capture valuable info, and give your recruiters and salespeople a tool that empowers them to work faster and smarter.

Scale your team and business with Aura

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