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Scale Your Engineering Team, with Our Help

Save your company valuable time and resources the next time you look for a technical hire.

Engage our diverse community, comprised of over 1,000 engineers and experienced technical leads, to screen your candidates.

Leverage a mixture of custom assessments, live interviews, and proprietary methodologies to improve your efficiency and reduce your time-to-hire by as much as 80 percent.

Accelerate Your Hiring

Accelerate Your Hiring

Hire faster and smarter with a dedicated team of IT pros.

Unlimited Screening

Unlimited Screening

Pay only for what you use on our platform.

100% Human Reviewers

100% Human Reviewers

Each candidate is evaluated by our technical leads.

Why Outsource Your Technical Screening?

Hiring the right person takes time, money, and effort. Technical roles are no exception. Many organizations experience friction while assessing their candidates, whether by being short on time, scarce in resources, or insufficient in expertise.

Companies need a network of IT professionals who can quickly identify which candidates will thrive in their roles.

Catch up with The Star

Your Trusted Partners in Screening

Screen with confidence to stay focused on opportunities or growth.
Catch up with The Star
Connect your favorite tools
Screen supported by your favorite integrations, including Slack, Jira, and more.
Add your candidates
Seamlessly submit an unlimited number of candidates for technical screening.
Catch up with The Star
Catch up with The Star
Screen candidates faster
Our teams of technical experts review your candidates within 24 hours and provide thoughtful feedback.
Review your results
Receive detailed reports for every candidate, signed off by our technical leaders.
Catch up with The Star
Catch up with The Star
Supplement with interviews
Need more than a candidate profile? Leverage our digital pros and augment your assessment using in-depth technical interviews.
  • Fully-Managed Screening

    Our services provide all facets of screening, from intake and screening management to delivery of reports and suggestions for next steps.

  • Delight Your Candidates

    Our suite of technical screening tools engage and challenge your candidates, helping them prove their skills for the job.

  • Move Beyond Automation

    With Esteemed Screening, you offset any computational hiring error. Each candidate profile is scrutinized by our dedicated team of engineers and tech leaders to determine their fit.

  • Avoid Bad Hires

    Costly hiring mistakes add up, and add pressure to already-stressed teams. Understand your candidates’ core technical competencices and how they’ll integrate with your business before Day One.

  • Screen Every Candidate Fairly

    We understand that no two candidates are the same. Our technical screening plans are custom-tailored and optimized for each potential hire in order to eliminate bias from our process.

  • Streamline Your Operations

    Don’t lose valuable company resources on screening. Instead, utilize our network of technical experts, so your team can focus on delivering projects on time and on budget.

Pricing for Esteemed Screening

One annual fee grants you unlimited access to our platform.

Esteemed Screening
Unlimited candidates
Role-specific assessments
annual subscription
Augmented Screening
Upload your own assessments
Use our technical interviewers
annual subscription
Technical Interviews
Instant resources for assessing skills
Leverage our network of industry pros
Pay-as-you-go technical interviewers

Esteemed Screening has saved my team countless hours with their technical interviews, hand-picked assessments, and interactive coding challenges. Highly recommended!

– Brandon Baker, VP at FreshForm

Brandon Baker

Drastically Reduce Your Time-to-Hire

Screen as many candidates as needed for your position

Fast, accurate results delivered directly to your inbox

Identify the candidates who will fit best alongside your team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Esteemed Screening?

    Esteemed Screening is your go-to source for fulfilling your team’s hiring needs. Our process helps you find the right candidates, further your relationships with clients, and complete your projects with trusted resources.

  • Which programming languages and disciplines do we screen?

    With Esteemed Screening, we cover all major programming languages, like HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React, .NET, and C#. Additionally, we cover CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, and Magento. Need a different language or discipline? We can help with that. Contact us at

  • How are candidates screened for technical skills?

    After understanding your business needs and potential candidates, we review their portfolios, code samples, and styles of communication. Based on their level of expertise, we then provide assessments or coding challenges to each candidate. If they succeed with the assessment, they move onto an elective technical interview, where we can discuss specific requirements for the job you’re hiring for.

  • Does Esteemed Screening really use “real humans”?

    Yes! All of our candidates are screened in-house, by developers with real-world experience. Every technical interview, coding assessment, and portfolio is reviewed by our team.

  • Do I really receive “unlimited screening”?

    Yes! This is meant to provide the most value for you and your candidates. Our flat subscription rate is $699 a year, or you can leverage your own assessments for $399, and supplement with technical interviews as needed.

Your Technical Screening Leaders

Meet the faces behind the leading technical skills screening platform.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Technology Officer
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Director of Screening