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5 Benefits of a Distributed Workforce

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Whether we want to admit it or not, everything has changed. The future of work, in light of the “new normal,” presents some very unique challenges and solutions.

There’s never been a greater opportunity for disruption, but this also means more chances for failure. By being flexible, agile, and empathetic, we all have the best chance to create change, make a difference, and succeed in this new world of work.

At Esteemed, we believe that the future of work lies with highly-talented, diverse, and well-trusted teams of distributed workers. Both employers and employees are seizing the opportunities offered by this emerging revolution.

The Future Will Be (Evenly) Distributed

A distributed workforce refers to personnel geographically distributed over large areas who make the best use of advanced technology to go beyond the limitations of the traditional working model.

Twitter recently announced moving up its timeline to keep much of its workforce remote when they realized the benefits. Not only were employees safer, but they were also happier and more productive.

Coming advances in 5G, remote work platforms, video conferencing, VPNs, and a culture that embraces online life, all point to the benefits of a distributed workforce,

We’re also ditching the old ways of hiring — that can comprise months of wasted effort — for simple, consolidated staffing solutions.

5 Benefits of Distributed Teams

We understand the frustration of staffing and have made it our goal to remove the guesswork. For over a decade we’ve made it our business to help businesses easily harness the power of distributed workforces to find …

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Happier employees who are more productive
  • Top global talent at your fingertips
  • Improved culture, loyalty, and retention
  • And a better bottom-line for your business

1. Increased Employee Productivity

Employers have been surprised that productivity skyrockets when workers go remote, even part-time. The flexibility of telecommuting has brought an infusion of energy to the workplace.

Many top-tier developers have avoided the traditional office for years for good reason. In fact, 44% of remote employees said they were less distracted when they worked from home.

2. Happier Employees Are More Productive

Happy workers get more done. In a survey from the State of Remote Work 2019 “83% of survey respondents agreed that the ability to work remotely would make them happier.”

Not to mention that ~1,100 US-based firms reported improved relations between managers and workers after implementing a remote-work program.

3. Top Global Talent at Your Fingertips

With Esteemed, you can quickly source digital professionals from a pre-vetted pool of global super-stars.

Gone are the days of murky job sites, bad leads, unreliable recruiters, and wasted weeks.

4. Improved Culture, Loyalty, and Retention

Now more than ever organizations desire a diversity of voices, global leaders with unique viewpoints, and loyal employees who consider flexibility a benefit.

According to a PGI think-piece, 95% of employers say that telework has a high impact on employee retention.

5. The Bottom-Line for Your Business

With the rising costs of office equipment and space, remote employees can save the average business close to $11,000 annually for even a part-time hire.

Organizations that have never considered distributed workforces are now facing one simple fact: Adapt, or be left in the dust.

The Revolution Will Be Distributed

Looking to transform the workday?

If you’re a results-oriented developer or digital professional looking to bolster your portfolio or meet some new and amazing clients, we’d love to meet you!

And if you’re an agency or business that wants to tap into our deep talent network, let’s chat. Save yourself time, money, and little bit of sanity in these challenging times.

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