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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Talent Network

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At Esteemed, we have spent a decade building our Colleagues Community. Having started an agency in 2011, we have sponsored countless events, amassed an impressive list of clients and formed many relationships with top talent. We’re a community of pre-screened digital professionals spread across multiple disciplines and categories. We have practices focused on CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, AEM and more), E-commerce, UX, and Cloud. We deliver our service via the tools our clients already use. Built on Slack, our premier platform allows us to post open roles, communicate, and collaborate with client employers and client providers. We can connect you with a potential hiring manager in minutes. A network of this type removes the burden of business development from a contractor and provides a host of other benefits even for those seeking full-time work.

Less Time Searching, More Time Working

The job search process can be long and drawn-out with many interviews, conversations, and redundant screening. Even if you do find a great opportunity, you might repeat the same search process a few months later once your project wraps up.

At Esteemed we vouch for you with our clients. To do that we screen and qualify your experience, offer feedback that we think will help, and connect you with new opportunities that will be a fit as they come through our pipeline.

Because we’re on Slack, our jobs are posted directly in their respective channels. Looking for new opportunities in Magento, or another related field? Fill out your profile, get in touch, and join the channel for your discipline. Less time searching for jobs means more time focusing on learning new skills or having fun. That’s what we are all about, making work more flexible, abundant and fun.

Stand Out from the Crowd

In our years in the digital space we find companies work with who they trust. When you join our Colleagues Community, you’re pre-qualifying yourself for open roles listed with Esteemed.

Just by signing up and going through our vetting process you are verifying your skills to one of our leads. Our clients have come to trust these individuals as if they were their own staff.

We try to keep the process as minimal as possible, yet a thorough review of everyone in the network is needed to make strong recommendations. From there you have access to mentorship, support, and collaboration with 500 peers.

Grow Your Own Network

When you join the Esteemed Colleagues Community, you gain access to hundreds on Slack and thousands in the network at large. Developers, architects, project managers and other digital professionals with a range of experience are available for questions, collaboration or even teaming up on a project that you might need help with. Got a quick question about Drupal Commerce? Reach out to one of our Drupal experts on our #drupal Slack channel and start a conversation.

Our Esteemed members are always happy to offer advice, insight, and support. We’re a friendly, open company and we pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with quality talent and grow lasting connections—whether that be between employer clients or members.

Join Our Inside Track

At Esteemed, you can also gain access to opportunities not listed on job sites. More than half of job seekers report that their preferred source for finding jobs is online. The second most popular method? Hearing about jobs from a friend or trusted colleague. We keep a close eye on our current and potential clients, and often hear about their needs first. This means they come to us first before posting on LinkedIn, Indeed, or even on their own website.

Because of our unique relationship with agencies and organizations, joining our Colleagues Community might even assist with transforming your skill-set to a new area. For example: a developer who may want to transition to Project Management, or an Executive role. We have helped many in the network transition to related areas. We believe in doing what you love. For some, that can change over time. We are here to help.

A Little Help from Your Friends

As a freelancer people can feel lonely, and lack a support system found in traditional settings. Even if you are on contract at a big company, you are still “a contractor.” Being part of Esteemed provides a large and diverse support system. Whether you are looking for a simple coding solution or a few extra hands, we’re here to help! We know that team camaraderie encourages confidence, increases access to knowledge, and invites shared experiences. We believe being part of our Colleagues Community means not only helping you get gigs, but helping scale and grow your skills.

Become a Partner

Finally, although not one of our five reasons to join, we find relationships are everything in the workplace. Our Internal Partners Program provides developers and small agencies of five or less with the resources they need at insider pricing. If you’re a sole developer or an agency who doesn’t want to turn down that big project, let’s talk.

Our Colleagues Community is a place to explore opportunities, share ideas, meet new colleagues and join interesting projects. As we bring members from around the world together for collaboration, work, and networking we are committed to help contractors grow their business and those seeking full-time work find the employer of their dreams. Want to learn more? Come join us!

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