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Esteemed to Sponsor Drupal Camp Asheville 2022

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Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 will be held from Friday, July 8 to Sunday, July 11. Join Esteemed and your local Drupal community as we embark on a three-day conference filled with hands-on training, community collaboration, networking for Drupal enthusiasts of all levels, and outdoor activities.

In furthering our mission, Esteemed is proud to announce that we are a Gold Sponsor of Drupal Camp Asheville 2022. It’s our sincere hope that, with the help of events like this, the Drupal community can grow and develop in an inclusive, forward-thinking manner. We invite you to join us as we learn and connect in a laid-back (and productive) environment.

The schedule will be as follows: on Friday, July 10, from 8am to 12pm, attendees can choose from a variety of training sessions. From 12pm to 5pm, and an ongoing Unconference that allows for attendee-guided conversations rather than structured presentations. Friday’s full- and half-day training topics include:

Saturday, July 10 will be filled with informative sessions, technical tutorials, lightning talks, a prize raffle, and a Saturday Night Social. The detailed session schedule can be found here. Be sure to check out sessions from our Esteemed members! Details below.

Onboard Developers 3-5x faster with Cloud Based Development Environments - 1pm EDT

According to NorthPass, companies with a structured agency onboarding process saw a 60% year-on-year improvement in revenue. If you’re struggling with getting your teams up to speed on your new client projects, come learn how to set up Drupal in a Cloud-Based Development Environment (CBDE).

Paired with on-going support by a dedicated provider for technologies like AWS, application layers, and Drupal, a CBDE can rapidly improve the entire software development lifecycle for any agency.

In this demo by Esteemed Digital (Matt Obert) and DevPanel (Jasmine Gigas), we will demonstrate how to remove the pain points of setting up and managing a cloud-based development environment for your team and your clients. We’ll do in 15 minutes what might take your development team a few weeks to set up.

Creating a Custom Rasa Conversational AI Chatbot for Drupal Websites - 2pm EDT

Chatbots are a type of computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and respond to spoken or written language, which can be programmed to reply to simple keywords or hold intricate conversations about specific domains of knowledge. Since their implementation, chatbots have been reported to save as much as 30% in customer service costs. While they are increasingly ubiquitous, chatbots still must be delicately programmed as to provide the best user-flow to prevent recursive conversation, frustrated clicks, and keyboard smashing.

Led by Esteemed member Rick Torzynski, you will learn how to create a custom conversational AI chatbot knowledge base using Rasa, an open source chatbot framework and how to integrate this chatbot into a Drupal website using the Component module and JavaScript.

Finding Purpose and Alignment in Your Career - 4pm EDT

We can learn to live in alignment with our values and purpose. In this session, Chris McGrath, CEO or Esteemed and Dori Kelner, V.P. of Culture + Well-being at Esteemed will share insights and reflections for mastering self-awareness and connecting with our authentic selves.

They will discuss the themes and patterns encountered while working the past 25+ years with developers of all backgrounds, in the past 15 years in the Drupal space as agency owners, and, in Dori’s case, as a mindfulness practitioner.

Attendees of this session will walk away with:

  • Techniques for understanding the importance and impact of knowing one’s purpose in career and life.
  • Skills and tools to feel grounded in their job search, and more authentic in their interactions.
  • The ability to actualize the goals that swim endlessly in their heads
  • Clarity to make a positive impact in their personal and professional life

On Sunday, attendees of the camp can join in for a Sunday Community Adventure Day. Interested participants will meet at Penny Cup Coffee Co at 9am, and from there caravaning to Cradle of Forestry.

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