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Esteemed to Sponsor Drupal Camp Atlanta 2022

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DrupalCamp Atlanta (DCATL) is back in action, in-person, this September 16th. Esteemed is proud to announce that we’re the Platinum Sponsor for this year’s event.

DCATL is one of the largest annual Drupal conferences in the Southeast, and is a popular destination for developers, designers, and Drupal enthusiasts of all levels. Attendees can expect to enjoy hands-on learning, collaboration, networking, and skill-sharing in a laid back, informal atmosphere. This year’s featured speakers include Dori Kelner, Jacob Rockowitz, Piotr Pakulski, and Bill Shaouy. Chris McGrath, Byron Sommerdahl and Jamie Valentin of Esteemed will also present at this year’s camp. More information about their sessions can be found below.

DCATL is a day-long conference hosted on Friday, September 16, 2022. Friday’s schedule will include trainings and sessions

Concurrent sessions on Friday will cover a variety of topics. Learn about business leadership, development and performance, site building, design/theming and usability, and general education. Visit the conference’s website for a complete list of sessions. We highly recommend the following sessions:

How to Lead a Human-Centric Workplace

Friday, September 16 9:00 - 9:45pm

Cutting-edge organizations are turning their focus toward humanizing workplaces and improving the support they offer employees and contractors alike.

When the workplace offers clear purpose, open discussion, and psychological safety, team members will thrive. But what does that mean for the organization? Reduced turnover, greater productivity, enhanced relationships, and overall happier people.

To accomplish this, let’s examine the root of the organizational culture - leadership. When leaders are authentic, trusting, and open, everyone in the organization will instinctively model the attitude of their leaders. These changes ripple throughout the company, resulting in a happier, more engaged workforce, ready to execute and perform at a higher level.

Come join us to learn how to create both success and happiness in your organization by embracing humanistic leadership.

Attendees of this session will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the human-centric workplace and how it benefits your organization
  • Valuing the importance of your team members’ unique perspectives and needs
  • How changing your habitual patterns of thinking will build greater connectedness, resilience, and kindness

Building Awareness and Intention into Your Developer Career Journey

Friday, September 16 3:00 - 3:45pm

When trying to make the most of your career, determining what to prioritize can be difficult. You might find yourself asking questions like, “Should I prioritize my current clients? Should I look to new clients for growth?” At times, the list of questions and things to do may feel endless.

This endless cycle causes frustration and burnout, resulting in the inability to make the most of our career. Whether it’s growth problems, or feeling you’ve reached a plateau, this talk will help you to build awareness and intentionality into all your career decisions moving forward.

We’ll start by identifying skill gaps, across both hard- and soft-skills, and learning how to fill in those gaps without having to turn to sources other than yourself to find the best answers.

During the session, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to maximize your growth with a few simple steps and principles
  • How to take that knowledge and turn it into action
  • How to start acting on the knowledge after the session ends

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