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Is Your Approach to Hiring Wrong?

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We know the unique challenge today’s businesses face hiring top tech talent. There’s never been more demand or fewer qualified IT pros actively searching for positions.

And most agencies and brands plan to up their digital IQs in the coming wave of Industry 4.0. That’s why landing the best developers for your ongoing project needs is still the #1 concern in the executive suite.

“PwC’s 2017 CEO survey reports that chief executives view the unavailability of talent and skills as the biggest threat to their business.” — Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong, HBR

That hasn’t changed, in fact it’s only gotten more dire. And it’s no secret that the hiring industrial complex has become a drain on resources with little proven benefit.

Why the #FutureofWork is about more than just filling your funnel with warm bodies

40% of US companies now outsource their hiring process. These recruitment outsourcers then use subcontractors to scour LinkedIn and social media sites for passive candidates.

It’s why currently employed IT pros report being contacted multiple times a day about their interest to change jobs. Keeping your top tech employees has become a war of the “highest bidder.”

But it doesn’t have to be a game killer. We’ve talked about how smaller businesses can compete to stand out in the minds of prospects.

And making your weaknesses your strengths is not about going toe-to-toe on salary, compensation, or benefits packages. It’s about sourcing talent with an eye to the future.

Is your hiring approach backward-looking or future proof?

Making the best possible choice on who to hire for your team has become increasingly difficult. But the hardest part isn’t necessarily which overseas vendor or software to outsource it to.

With over a decade of expertise helping brands and agencies source respected developers, we see this mistake a lot. It’s a lack of foresight toward sourcing for culture and retention.

The toughest part about building an A-class team is still how to architect success. And how to do it in the most efficient and complementary way for your business.

Having access to a deep pool of proven, respected, and vetted talent has become a huge commodity. And we know this from experience.

Big data and hiring algorithms won’t save your business

In the long run, those passive IT hot shots aren’t necessarily worth the investment, sadly. And companies already throw $20 billion a year at human resource vendors when they don’t have to.

Outsourced candidates don’t always contribute right away, and this can be disruptive to current employees. There’s also no evidence that passive hires are of a higher quality, and they often take longer to onboard to potential.

This unsustainable model of outsourcing, filling the funnel, and hiring unknown commodities can actually drain resources over time. And no one can afford that right now.

Outsourcing your hiring to recruitment farms won’t solve your two bigger problems: Time-to-hire and quality-of-hire. And more algorithms fail to factor in vectors specific to your exact business.

Is your applicant-tracking software worth the headache?

That applicant-tracking software you think will save you money, may actually cost you in company culture. It might seem nifty out of the box, but are their proven benefits to measuring body language?

Algorithms and so-called efficiency bots lack the context of what’s needed most in the sourcing through retention processes. The human touch, and the structure and proven vetting that actually get results.

Unfortunately, analytics are often flawed and backward-looking. We’ve never experienced such an important and innovative time in our culture than right now.

With the rise of cutting-edge tech — and the necessary players to implement it —there’s no question that your hiring process needs to be seamless.

“Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, 3D printing, and combinations of these, are viewed as cost-cutting and revenue-generating opportunities.” — PwC’s 2020 CEO Survey

Don’t go pound-for-pound with hiring gorillas without help

When it comes to auditing your hiring and acquisition strategies we know there are always questions on how to save time and money. But there’s no obvious shortcut to success.

Why not trust a talent sourcing network with a proven track record? Lean on structured and standardized processes to find a more inclusive, diverse, and effective team.

We are Esteemed, colleagues recommending colleagues. Top digital problem-solvers at the touch of a button.

Recruitment and retention start by sourcing talent smarter

Save yourself the headache and enlist help from the start. The key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution is access to deeper networks of talented and diverse voices.

We rub elbows with talented developers every day who can speak to your needs.

We’d love to chat about all of your hiring needs! Drop us a line anytime.

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