Member Compensation Plan

At Esteemed, we are changing the way highly-skilled IT talent is found, by taking a community-driven approach!

Because of that, we want to make sure you are rewarded for your efforts beyond your day job! We are rolling out a bonus program for our members who want to flex their entrepreneurial muscles, and further both the company we’re building, and their own personal income.

We realize most of our team are contacted by recruiters, agencies, and companies looking to employ them on a regular basis. We hope to partner with our member and employee partners to grow our business to new heights, by capturing that intel, and putting it to good use, expanding our client base.

If you bring us information that leads to us filling a job, we will pay you a monthly commission for referrals, based on the profit margin generated for up to 18 months!

We will also be running open training sessions each month with our VP, Rob Schaust, giving you methods and advice to capture great information effectively and efficiently. Join as many, or as few, of these as you’d like.


Lead/Information Passed: 5%

Any info you gather, such as “ABC Co. is hiring for a mid level developer,” or “XYZ Co. sent me a LI message to see if I was interested.”

Introduction: 7%

Defined as an email or phone introduction, of an Esteemed salesperson with a client.

Deal Passed: 10%

Example: “I interviewed with LMNOP Co., and told them I work with Esteemed, and would want to work through them. We have a call with them to discuss details tomorrow”

Example: You speak with someone looking to hire you directly, and get the information, and tell them that you don’t feel you’re a fit, but that your company, Esteemed, can help.

Candidate Referral: 5%

Example: You refer us a candidate who fits an open role we are working, or a hot skillset we request. If that person is hired and deployed, you will be compensated, as soon as they hit their 30th day!


Monthly and cumulative. If you bring in a new client for us, any other deal that generates from the same hiring manager will pay out as well. If a 10% deal is closed, you would collect the 5% on each subsequent job they do. If you continue developing the account and bring more fully-baked deals, those would continue to be at 10%.

This program would be compiled and paid out monthly, in addition to any other compensation you may receive from Esteemed. It will pay 1 month trailing, meaning the bonus generated for the billing month of January would be paid in February, and so forth.

Bonuses would continue at 100% payout for the first 12 months of each deal, and then at 50% for the following 6 months, before dropping off entirely at the 18 month mark.

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