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Join our Member Comp Plan

Join our Member Comp Plan

We’re changing how highly-skilled talent is found.

We know our team is contacted by recruiters, agencies, and companies regularly. Bring us information that leads to a filled job, and we’ll pay you a monthly commission for referrals.

We’re changing how highly-skilled talent is found.

Plan terms

Commissions are contingent upon whether or not Esteemed was aware of the lead or deal beforehand. Take a look at some of our commissions.

    Lead/Information Passed: Recruitment Company or C2C

    Any info you gather, such as “ABC Co. is hiring for a mid-level developer,” or “XYZ Co. sent me a LI message to see if I was interested.”


    Defined as an email or phone introduction, of an Esteemed salesperson with a client.

    Lead Passed

    Someone looking to hire you directly. Get the information, say you don’t feel you’re a fit, but that your company, Esteemed, can help.

    Candidate Referral

    Refer a candidate who fits an open role, or a requested skillset. You will be compensated after your referral hits their 30th day on deployment!

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*Monthly and cumulative. If you bring in a new client for us, any other lead that generates from the same hiring manager will pay out as well. If a 10% lead is closed, you would collect the 5% on each subsequent job they do. If you continue developing the account and bringing more leads, those would continue at 10%.

*This program would be compiled and paid out monthly, in addition to any other compensation you may receive from Esteemed. It will pay 1 month trailing, meaning the bonus generated for the billing month of January would be paid in February, and so forth.

*Bonuses would continue at 100% payout for the first 12 months of each lead, and then at 50% for the following 6 months, before dropping off entirely at the 18 month mark.