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Drupal Contractors Announce Core Sponsor of MidCamp 2021

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Join Drupal Contractors at Midwest Drupal Camp (known also as MidCamp) for the Chicago-area’s eighth annual Drupal “unconference” March 24–27, 2021. Drupal Contractors is a sponsor of this year’s (virtual) event, and we couldn’t be more excited for MidCamp 2021. Developers, designers, users, and Drupal enthusiasts from the Midwest and beyond will convene for four days of learning, networking, socializing, and contributing to the wonderful world of Drupal.

This year’s admission is pay-what-you-want. In keeping with their belief that quality Drupal events should be accessible to everyone, MidCamp 2021 is free to those in need. Here at Drupal Contractors we aim to support the Drupal community, which is why we’ve proudly stepped up as a core sponsor in an effort to further MidCamp’s mission. If you’re able, event organizers recommend a $20 donation when you register. All ticket proceeds will be used to offset expenses as well as make charitable donations to worthwhile organizations. Get your tickets here.

Because MidCamp 2021 is virtual, all scheduled sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Networking and socialization will take place in Gather Town. In addition, attendees can ask questions and make text-based conversation in the MidCamp Slack channel. Combine these platforms with events such as pet cams, virtual game night, karaoke, and even a walking tour, and you’ve got the next best thing to an in-person unconference!

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with Drupal service providers, hosting vendors, fellow Drupal users, and the web development community at-large. If you’re interested in Drupal, MidCamp 2021 is the perfect event to attend. Read on for more information, or click here to register.

MidCamp 2021 Schedule

Note: All times are in Central Standard Time (CDT). Captioning and live transcripts will be available for all events hosted in Zoom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Get Started with Drupal

  • Give new attendees the confidence to bring a topic or activity to the table
  • Give everyone a plan of what they can expect for the next two days
  • Provide opportunities for connection and mentorship
  • Trainings, workshops, introductory sessions, and announcements
  • Getting the most out of MidCamp 2021
  • Virtual karaoke to wrap the day up.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Meet the Drupal Community

Thursday’s events are designed for attendees to connect with the Drupal community. The objective, according to MidCamp organizers, is “for people to enjoy some human-time together with fun activities.” Activities include opening ceremonies, tutorials, informational sessions, pet cams, a contributions overview, walking tour, BoFs, AMAs, and even a virtual game night.

Drupal Contractors will have speakers and BoF hosts who will contribute to Thursday’s offerings. These include:

Finding a Drupal Mentor
Thursday, March 25th 1:00–1:45pm CDT

Join Drupal Contractors’ CEO Chris McGrath as he talks about finding a Drupal mentor or a mentee, and how forming an intentional partnership with a trusted member of the community can help accelerate your career, create more meaningful connections, and even find better work opportunities! Learn more.

Thursday, March 25th 2:00–2:45pm CDT

Drupal Developer Lee Quessenberry sits down with attendees to explain a few use cases for Mega Menus, and will discuss in greater detail why these massive content-management modules can be tamed. Have mega menu experience? Come share with the group! Learn more.

Command Line for Developers
Thursday, March 25th 3:00–3:45pm CDT

Interested in turbocharging your Terminal and taking your workflow to the next level? This BoF session is for you! All operating systems are welcome … but check your mouse at the door and keep your fingers on the home row. Come to share your Terminal tips and tricks, or just to listen and learn. Join Esteemed’s very own Matt Obert in this thrilling BoF! Learn more.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Share Your Knowledge

On Friday, MidCamp will host an informal knowledge sharing unconference. In lieu of formal sessions, today will include BoF sessions and a multi-part workshop hosted by DDEV. View a breakdown of the day’s event here.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Give Back to Drupal

To wrap up the week’s activities, Saturday will be “Give Back to Drupal” day. Join your fellow attendees in a contribution day. Collaborate with other Drupal community members in a general contribution space. In addition, there will be rooms for selected initiatives, including Olivero, Feeds Migrate, and Drupal Recipes.

We look forward to connecting with local Drupal enthusiasts at MidCamp 2021. Hope to see you there!

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