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Discovery & Planning

From Discovery to Launch

When beginning a new project, don’t underestimate the importance of laying important groundwork. Foregoing foundational steps can have serious repercussions down the line. Rather than jumping in blindly, take the time for discovery and planning.

Discovery & Planning

Why Use a Dedicated Discovery & Planning Resource?

With a dedicated discovery and planning consultant, your team can evaluate resources, review current and planned activities, and define the most suitable roadmap for your project.

Why Use a Dedicated Discovery & Planning Resource?

How Can Discovery & Planning Help Me?

Successful discovery and planning explores a project’s objective, utility, and stakeholder reaction. We offer Esteemed project managers and consultants to our clients as they embark on new projects. With our help, you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • What purpose(s) will your project serve?

  • Why is the project needed?

  • What value will it offer?

  • What are your team’s expectations?

  • How will it be received by your audience or stakeholders?

  • How will you measure the success or failure of the project?

How Can Discovery & Planning Help Me?

Develop Your Project With a Discovery and Planning Consultation

Develop Your Project With a Discovery and Planning Consultation

In business, discovery is the part of a project’s developmental process in which the team reflects on which resources you already possess, which still need to be obtained, and what needs to happen in order for you to meet your project goals. In essence, you’re planning. During discovery, you’ll learn about what you do and do not have and whether this assists in (or prevents you from) completing the project.

What do discovery and planning entail?

Planning your project’s strategy isn’t as simple as it sounds. Brainstorming sessions are a useful tool in your discovery and planning stage, but without proper direction, your team risks hyper-fixating on a single element of your project’s scope or, conversely, taking on an overly-ambitious vision. In striking a balance between your wants and needs, and by adjusting the lens with which you view the extent of your project, you’ll create a strong foundation to build upon.

Discovery and planning offer insights and enable your team to set expectations. It’s a strategic step used by top organizations from a project’s outset to bring stakeholders together to improve communication and transparency. We’ll speak with all collaborators to glean expectations and research the current state of business. Your consultant will guide your team through the research process, defining KPIs, requirements, and potential pain points.

Discovery and planning involves a qualitative and quantitative approach to develop your project’s optimal strategy. When finished, your team will have a project roadmap that will lead you to your end goal(s).

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