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How to Work Specialized Recruiting into Your Hiring Strategy

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When it comes to auditing your talent sourcing and acquisition strategies we know there are always questions on how to save time and money. But there’s no obvious shortcut to success.

If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house HR team you know how much each member juggles on a monthly basis. But if you’re a small startup or agency it might just come down to who wears the “hiring hat” that week.

When you’re looking for support who can you turn to? Many recruiting firms claim to have access to deep pools of specialized talent.

The reality is they’re looking at the same generic pool of candidates you are. And when it comes to landing top IT pros, the pickings are slim.

Specialized vs. general recruitment

We see the growing shortage of talented tech hires every day. It’s no mirage, and there are predicted to be an additional 5 million IT jobs added to that growing sea by 2027.

You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner to treat a highly specialized problem, would you? You would go to a specialist with expertise in that issue.

So by tapping into specialized recruiting to help you fill highly-technical roles you’re relying on specialists referring specialists. And this can give you a huge advantage.

The global talent shortage is real

You’re not alone. 72% of employers report having a hard time finding skilled candidates, especially for hard-to-fill positions. It’s also a growing epidemic that can impact your bottom line.

By enlisting the expertise of a niche specialist for your recruiting needs you can save invaluable resources. You’ll not only tap into a deeper pool of talent, but you can also boost time-to-hire and quality of hire.

Specialized recruiters become a natural extension of your HR team. Trusted envoys who can help broadcast your company culture and mission.

Time-to-hire power up

Boosting time-to-hire not only saves you money, in the long run, it also boosts innovation. By taking the pressure off your recruiting team you’re freeing up time and brainpower.

Having someone vet your candidates for you takes the guesswork out of having to do multiple assessments and behavioral interviews yourself. This lets you focus on what really matters.

Soft skills are often overlooked by general recruiting firms because they’re more interested in warm bodies. Generalized recruiters don’t typically look beyond the resume.

But recruiters who can talk specifically to your most valued acquisitions’ needs do. And getting talented new hires in the door faster lets your team focus on their core competencies.

Culture-building and quality of hire

A recent study by legacy employment site CareerBuilder found that 66% of US employers reported having been affected by a bad hire, with 27% saying a single bad hire cost them more than $50,000.

With a specialized recruiter, you’ll be building a team of contributing superstars right out of the gate. And specialists who speak the exact language of your business needs can help support your core values and diversity.

Lean on the tried-and-true experience of a specialty firm that talks the talk. Don’t play Russian roulette with your most trusted asset, your people.

Onboarding and the race for talent

We understand the pressure businesses face competing for top talent. Don’t try to go “pound-for-pound” with the big guys when you don’t have to.

Remember that recruitment and retention actually start by sourcing talent smarter. Not by trying to compete on salary, compensation, or benefits packages.

Save yourself the headache and enlist help from the start. The key to the next digital revolution will be access to deeper networks of talented and diverse voices.

We talk to developers every day who can speak to your needs. We are specialized colleagues recommending the best of the best.

We’d love to chat about all of your hiring needs! Drop us a line anytime.

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