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Drupal Contractors Announces Platinum Sponsorship of BADCamp 2020

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Join Drupal Contractors and like-minded developers, marketing professionals, and content specialists from around the world for BADCamp 2020. Normally held in Berkeley, California, this year’s Drupal conference will be held virtually from October 14-17. While the event will differ from past years due to worldwide pandemic restrictions, we’re not letting the shift to an online conference dampen the celebration. After all, who better to navigate a virtual summit than developers?

BADCamp 2020 is a free technology conference designed by and for the Drupal community. The purpose of BADCamp is for Drupal enthusiasts to develop new skills, attend training sessions, and network with fellow professionals from across the globe. As the event’s organizers put it, “For thirteen years, BADCamp has brought thousands of people from all over the world to […] share, teach, learn, network, and socialize around the Drupal content management system, open-source software and the greater technology ecosystem that surrounds them.”

Our team at Drupal Contractors is excited to not only sponsor the event, but also contribute a freelancing “how-to” session on Friday, October 16 from 1:00pm - 1:45pm PST. This event will be led by our CEO, Chris McGrath. Chris holds over two decades of experience in digital, and has held lead technical, management and executive roles in Fortune 50 companies as well as government agencies.

Freelancing for Drupal: A How-to Guide to Getting and Managing Clients Successfully

Friday, October 16th, 1:00 - 1:45 p.m. PST

On Friday, Chris McGrath will be delivering a virtual session entitled, “Freelancing for Drupal: A How-to Guide to Getting and Managing Clients Successfully.” This is perfect for developers who are exploring their career path in Drupal and have an interest in freelancing.

As a seasoned developer, digital expert, and business executive, Chris has planned an informational session packed with strategies for getting your freelance Drupal business off the ground.

In a condensed “how-to” session, Chris will guide BADCamp attendees through the process of launching a freelance Drupal business. Learn best practices and gain useful tips on setting up your own company, finding work, managing your client funnel, contracting vehicles, and more.

What Else to Expect From BADCamp 2020

What will this year’s virtual conference look like? Apart from online registration and video breakout sessions, attendees will have the option to join hands-on Drupal training events. To cover operating expenses, BADCamp is charging a $50 fee for whole day access to training ($25 for half day). BADCamp is 100 percent volunteer-run and 100 percent funded by sponsors like Drupal Contractors. If you need financial assistance, please contact BADCamp organizers because several generous attendees have offered to cover the cost for those who need it.

Our Drupal community is committed to preserving the spirit of an in-person conference, so BADCamp 2020 will include events such as:

  • Virtual Pub Crawl
  • Drupal Contractors’ Sponsored Coffee Break
  • Kid-Friendly Game Night
  • Online Expo
  • Board Game Arena
  • Pet Meet-and-Greet

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an online presentation of making the most of the new “normal.” Join your fellow Drupal community members for Living Wisely: Maintaining Balance and Meaning Under Modern Conditions.

We’re excited for BADCamp 2020 — hope to see you there!

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