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How Your Business Can Benefit from Remote Hiring

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Over half of Americans have worked from home this year and many aren’t going back to the office any time soon. Most don’t want to.

“When the pandemic is over, one in six workers is projected to continue working from home or co-working at least two days a week, according to a recent survey by economists at Harvard Business School.”—The Atlantic

In addition to office space costs, new employee distancing regulations, masks, and cramped spaces concern many brands.

The traditional office and set hours aren’t ideal for most employees. Especially while commuting and public health are major societal concerns.

Agile workforces are the new normal for big tech companies like Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook. And here’s why…

The Inevitable Rise of Remote Talent

Leveraging distributed teams makes perfect sense right now. This surge in “telepresence” is helping businesses to do way more with less.

“The percentage of workers who say their employer is offering them flex time or remote work options has grown from 39% to 57% in the latest polling, conducted March 30-April 2, 2020.”—Gallup

But every business owner knows the true pain points of finding the right hire. The costs of recruitment efforts alone are staggering, averaging $4000 per job in the U.S.

Wasted time that could be spent on important projects. The slog of recruiting the best candidates for the job from untrusted talent pools and platforms. The endless assessments.

CEOs still report that their biggest concern is hiring talent. Many also report that they think the current drought of talent and skill is the biggest threat to their business.

Is Your Approach to Hiring Outdated?

Often the results don’t add up. Good hires seem to be a crapshoot, and your competitors are always trying to steal your best people.

Luckily, when you build a distributed team to scale your business, you have access to a global talent pool. The diversity alone improves both culture and retention.

It’s why so many successful businesses have updated both their hiring and telework policies. Prospects now consider remote work a big factor in choosing an employer.

Top talent gets snatched up fast with perks like time, location, and lifestyle flexibility.

Are your recruiting methods causing you to miss out on a highly talented pool of digital employees?

Top Global Talent at Your Fingertips

By removing the hurdles of traditional hiring, it’s now simple to access digital superstars.

With the adoption of platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet, your business can quickly adapt to the new normal.

Remote hiring has cracked open the field of freelancing, and finding top talent is no longer difficult. Passionate problem-solvers are just a few clicks away.

By shifting to hiring remotely, businesses can embrace the future of work.

Remote Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

From screenings to interviews, code assessments to culture fits, savvy businesses are making the most of this sea change in hiring.

Unfortunately, talent seems to be scattered far and wide across dozens of hiring platforms.

At Esteemed, we know the frustration of staffing and have made it our goal to remove the guesswork. For over a decade, we’ve networked the top talent across an incredible array of disciplines … all remotely.

Employers can easily browse hundreds of our talent profiles for digital professionals we’ve personally vetted. You can make a request and be working with trusted pros almost instantly.

And we’ve integrated every step of the process into one simple Slack channel. Gone are the days of spending an industry average 42 days finding a fit, or breaking your back for poor results.

Esteemed teams are known to work smarter. We’re some of the brightest digital minds in the business, and we’re all about colleagues recommending colleagues.

Let us do the hard part so you can get back to business as usual. Drop us a line today about all your staffing needs!

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